Three steps when acquiring a company – From start to end

Three steps when acquiring a company – From start to end

A good start always begins with a good dialogue. That is why our cooperation in this process will always begin with a meeting, where you can get the answers to all your questions and at the same time hear how we might help you – also in relation to any questions that you might not yet have considered.

Step 1:

  • Initial negotiations with the seller.
  • Will you prefer not to disclose your acquisition plans, or may others around you keep up with the process, and may they be involved from the start or not until later on?
  • An acquisition is a major decision, and the process may be both complicated and prolonged; e.g. do you need a co-investor?
  • We can perform a legal investigation (due diligence) as to the company which you consider to acquire, thereby giving you a more thorough insight in the company concerned.

Step 2 concerns your negotiations with the seller.

We can help you

  • to get a thorough and more clear insight in the company that you plan to acquire;
  • to provide you with sufficient data and the required knowledge on the company;
  • to mediate contact to financial advisers, including the auditor, who can help you with valuating the company, among other things;
  • to mediate contact to various advisers, e.g. engineers, for the purpose of environmental surveys;
  • to negotiate with the company’s seller;
  • to conclude the final agreement.

Step 3 is the final conclusion of your acquisition, comprising the following:

  • Conclusion of your acquisition.
  • Slimming of the business after the acquisition, if required, including reorganisations, preparation of an estate planning, if any, changes in terms of management, sales preparations, etc.

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