The new “Internet of…” (Humans & Things)

The Internet of Things is already part of our history. Surpassed, at least in the way it is still described in many conferences and papers. New technology advancements and human-machine collaboration models are redefying its potential, centered around cloud and artificial intelligence.

Let’s see some factors which are shaping this new kind of “Internet of”… which is deeply transforing the way Humans and Things interact and collaborate!

Humans augmented with Things skills

At Microsoft we imagine a new world where conversation and vision is the new computer interface, able to proactively and personally serve our needs. We imagine a rich ecosystem of conversations, ones that include: people to people; people to your personal digital assistant; people to Bots; and even personal digital assistants leveraging Bots on your behalf.

Think of Bots as new applications that you converse with in a natural way instead of interacting with multiple apps, website pages, or being forced through a clunky set of un-natural steps. You can call on any application as a Bot within a conversational canvas that suits you and your situation at a particular time. Personal digital assistants, such as Cortana, can provide context and functionality at the right time in the right place to achieve a more human interaction with Things.

Things augmented with Human skills

We can today enable “Things”, including Bots and Personal Digital Assistances, to understand the real world through traditional human skills, such as vision, speech, language understanding, knowledge and intelligent search. All of this can in fact be achieved through artificial intelligence, cloud, and the advancements of deep learning enabled services.

By teaching “things” to understand the real world, by making them intelligent and in teaching them how to interact in more human and personal ways, we can enable every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Humans and Things working together

When on one side we build things that augment human abilities and on the other side we empower things with human-like senses and intelligence, it’s not about humans versus machines, it’s about humans with machines. For this reason, in modern projects, we are using tools such as Dynamics, Microsoft Teams, and Cognitive Services for making the new “Internet of” Humans and Things effectively collaborating.

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