Foreign trade has grown substantially with the rise of globalization. Nowadays, people order, buy, sell, and ship huge amounts of various goods worldwide. Modern global trade is highly dependent on logistics services and advanced transportation technologies. This holds especially true for sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and food, which require a reliable transportation infrastructure and the most secure handling.

However, many pharma and food companies are still plagued by poor packaging solutions and imperfect logistics networks. According to the World Health Organization, 40% of vaccines degrade during transportation due to temperature deviations. A similar situation can be observed in the market for fresh food where safety is always a key concern.

Smart Containers Group, one of the world’s leading high-tech container providers, has achieved great success in addressing these logistical problems and researching different technological solutions for transporting goods in a way that meets the highest requirements for the most sensitive products.  This Swiss-based company has combined cutting-edge hardware technology and IoT sensors to develop and offer the safest temperature-controlled containers for the secure transportation of sensitive pharmaceuticals and food around the world.

Smart Containers Group consists of two divisions: SkyCell and FoodGuardians. The former is a pharma containers supplier and the primary operation, while the latter offers next-generation reusable containers and boxes for the transportation of temperature-sensitive food products.

Prospective investors should be aware that Smart Containers Group is not just an idea with a white paper. It is a well-established company generating good turnover and providing the safest containers on the market, with less than 0.1% temperature deviations versus a market average of 8.5%. Its base technology is protected by nearly 100 patents. SkyCell has been fully operational for over five years and has grown during this period to become the fourth-largest player in pharma logistics, boasting a strong client base and strategic partnerships.

That’s not all, folks!

However, Smart Containers Group is not growing complacent and wants to revolutionize the logistics industry, which is currently very inefficient, expensive and complex on top of requiring tons of documents and communications. After the success of its best-in-class hardware, the company is now focusing on the software-side of the logistics process, aiming to establish a fully integrated, profitable and open logistics ecosystem called LOGI CHAIN.

Due to the use of blockchain technology, this platform will facilitate paperless shipment organization and administration and provide a fully autonomous smart container solution. The second step will be automation of container billing along the entire supply chain by accepting payment in cryptocurrencies, which should increase payment security and reduce transaction fees.

To that end, the company will introduce the world’s first fully autonomous container that invoices itself through cryptocurrencies. As co-founder and CEO Richard Ettl puts it, “By using blockchain technology, we can decentralize logistics and create autonomous containers – container 4.0. This container will know who’s renting it, when the contract ends and when to invoice the customer. That’s why we’ve created the LOGI CHAIN platform. It allows us to create a seamless, fully integrated, digital logistics process that everyone can use for free.”

Smart Containers ICO details

In order to achieve these goals, the company has decided to raise funds by offering the cryptocurrency community its tokens. Notably, Smart Containers Group is issuing two different coins to raise a total of $40 million.

  • SMARC Coin is a profit share coin to scale SkyCell and FoodGuardians. It will grant investors 20% of future profits.

The total supply of SMARC tokens is limited to 150 million, with 120 million to be distributed in the ICO. The exchange rate of 1 SMARC is set at $0.432. The company hopes to reach a hard cap of $36 million. The pre-sale with a 25% discount started on May 15th and will be live until May 30, while the crowd sale will be launched on June 7th.

  • LOGI Coin will be used in the LOGI CHAIN ecosystem as a means of payment for smart contract transactions and add-on services.

The total supply of LOGI tokens is limited to 100 million, and only 20 million will be available for sale. The exchange rate of 1 LOGI is set at $0.285, the hard cap being $4 million. The pre-sale with a 25% discount started on May 15th and will run until May 30, while the crowd sale will commence on June 7th.

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