Say hello to Teal

“The days of corporate hierarchy are running out.”

Teal co-founder and Miovision CEO, Kurtis McBride.


It’s at the core of everything Miovision stands for. It’s led us to success in traffic improvements for cities all over the world, and it’s helping us lay the foundation for the future of smart cities. But, success inevitably leads to change.

In our case, change began when we crossed the 70 employee mark. We found ourselves struggling to maintain the scrappy, startup culture that helped us get to where we are today. We took a hard look at our organizational structure to better understand what motivates people to do their best work. Once we began to examine it further we quickly came to the realization that a structure based on a chain of command wasn’t working for us. We searched for an organizational tool that would suit our ever-evolving structure, but nothing quite fit. So we did what felt natural in a company filled with engineers: we created our own.

Introducing Teal

Today, we’re pleased to announce the official launch of Teal. The first software of its kind, Teal is designed for companies like Miovision, who are ready to let go of outdated hierarchies and embrace the future of organizational structure. The days of corporate hierarchy are running out. Those structures don’t empower employees. Teal gives employees flexibility to work on things they are passionate about while ensuring the company’s priorities are met. Essentially it makes the organization healthier and happier across the board.

Teal was initially developed for internal use by co-founders Bryan Peters, Victor Leipnik, and myself. But, we quickly saw that it could be valuable to other companies in similar stages of growth. So today, Bryan and Victor are shifting to leadership positions with Teal as they spin it off into its own company. As for me, I’ll remain focused on helping improve traffic and creating smart cities with Miovision.

How does it work?

As the first organization to use Teal, the entire team at Miovision has experienced its value first-hand. It provides rapid goal alignment and company-wide transparency to help keep our talented employees engaged. Teal makes it easy for Miovision to maintain its constantly evolving organizational structure as we continue to expand.

MappedIn is just one of several startups that can speak to the effectiveness of Teal, having implemented it as part of the beta program. MappedIn CEO and co-founder, Hongwei Liu said it best: “Teal replaces outdated hierarchies. Finally, we can see how everything ties back to our goals for a visualization of how our organization is structured.”

The journey to today’s launch along with Bryan and Victor has been a great experience for me. I wish them the best of luck as they officially launch Teal and look forward to celebrating their successes along the way.

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