Critical Future was commissioned by Workday the global leader to produce a white paper on GDPR, you can read the comprehensive report here.

Critical Future was commissioned by the British Security Industry Association to write a white paper on the real price of security.

Critical Future was commissioned by the British Security Industry Association to write a white paper on the real price of security.

3 reasons not to panic about artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be democratized to help more people understand it and embrace its potential; We need to develop regulations for AI that are agile and adapt to this rapidly progressing technology; A focus on “Trustworthy AI” offers a promising model for innovation and the governance of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained

Front Cover of a Book Entirely Created by Artificial Intelligence

The newly released book “The A.I. Age” represents a historic moment and newlandmark in the story of AI with its February 2020 publication. The front cover of the book has been entirely created by Artificial Intelligence (AI) by selecting the winning cover design and overlaying the text. AI machines can’t be creative? Yes they can.

NBA using artificial intelligence for highlight clips this All-Star game

As the thousands of high-flying dunks, alley-oops and fadeaway jumper clips come out of NBA All-Star weekend, chances are the highlights were created by artificial intelligence. The league says they are using machine learning to create more highlights than ever before this All-Star weekend. Since 2014, the NBA has been employing and experimenting with technology

How big data can help cut food wastage

Modern farming has evolved by adopting technical advances such as machines for ploughing and harvesting, controlled irrigation, fertilisers, pesticides, crop breeding and genetics research. These have helped farmers to produce large crops of good quality in a fairly predictable way. But there’s still progress to be made in getting the best possible yields from different

Coronavirus: Can Artificial Intelligence Make A Difference?

The mysterious coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate. There have been at least 305 deaths as more than 14,300 persons have been infected. On Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a global emergency. To put things into perspective, it has already exceeded the numbers infected during the 2002-2003 outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute

Artificial intelligence helps experts forecast icebergs

This year will see a relatively low number of icebergs drifting into busy shipping regions in the north-west Atlantic, according to a combination of control systems and artificial intelligence forecasting models developed by experts at the University of Sheffield. A recently published control systems model has been used to predict that between 479 and 1,015

The first book in history to have the front cover entirely created by AI.

THE AI AGE  By Adam Riccoboni  HISTORIC EVENT – AI CREATED BOOK COVER  The newly released book “The AI Age” represents a historic moment, with its December 2019 publication.  This historic event is a world-first and a new landmark in the story of AI. This is the first time in all human history, that the

DeepMind study shows how AI research can help solve a problem that has challenged scientists for decades

The AlphaFold system uses large genomic datasets to generate 3D models of protein structure more accurately than ever before. A study published in Nature has demonstrated how artificial intelligence (AI) research can drive and accelerate new scientific discoveries. Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind has created a dedicated, interdisciplinary team to explore using AI to predict the 3D structure of a

Artificial Intelligence Can See Around Corners in Real-Time

Detailed, fast imaging of hidden objects could help self-driving cars detect hazards. Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real-time. With further development, the system might let self-driving cars “look” around parked cars or busy

World’s First ‘Living Machine’ Created Using Frog Cells and Artificial Intelligence

Scientists used computer algorithms to “evolve” an organism that’s made of 100% frog DNA — but it isn’t a frog. What happens when you take cells from frog embryos and grow them into new organisms that were “evolved” by algorithms? You get something that researchers are calling the world’s first “living machine.” Though the original stem