How can the crowdfunding actors converge to initiate a dialogue with the stakeholders and allow the development of crowdfunding ?

Florence de Maupeou

The 21st of September, the CrowdDialog Europe 2017 will take place in Athens, and Financement Participatif France will be part of this European event. Stakeholder from all 28 European member states represented will gather to discuss diverse scenarios of crowd-disruption from the fields of practitioners, academia and politics; and I am proud to be the “country expert” for France!

I’ll have the opportunity to share the French case on how the crowdfunding platforms converged within a common association to initiate a constructive dialog with the authorities and create a specific regulation for crowdfunding sector.

The following preview will tell you what you can expect from the upcoming conference.

About Crowd Dialog 2017:

In partnership with the EU Commission and the National Bank of Greece the city of Athens will be the 2017 hosting city to gather THE European Crowd experts. All driven by a common goal: enabling the crowd for a greater good. The themes that will be discussed are about crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowd innovation.

About Financement Participatif France:

Financement Participatif France is the representative professional association for crowdfunding sector. It gathered 150 members, including 70 platforms from all crowdfunding types (donation and reward crowdfunding, crowdlending and equity crowdfunding). Beyond our self-regulating mission (FPF’s members sign a code of conduct), we work with the authorities and government for an appropriate legal framework and we share our goal of promoting crowdfunding with education and surveys (we have been publishing the bi-annually French industry report since 2013).

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