Healthcare Consulting

Artificial Intelligence is redefining and revolutionising healthcare.

As specialist Artificial Intelligence consultants, and also sector specific healthcare consultants, Critical Future is uniquely placed to support healthcare businesses in this technological revolution.

Our PhD Experts in Artificial Intelligence cover the full remit of AI including:

  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Vision
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning

Case Study Using Machine Vision to Detect Diseases

Our client is a leading European healthcare company, who specialises in Artificial Intelligence. The client had already invested substantially in AI technologies, but turned to Critical Future to advance this work. Using our expertise in machine visions techniques, we created the first scientifically accurate AI tool capable of reviewing a smart phone picture and telling the user whether they are at risk of skin cancer.

This ground-breaking project involved training a machine to review thousands of images and identify skin diseases. The project was completed by our specialist consultant, who holds a machine learning and robotics PhD, with a specialism in machine vision.

As a result, the artificial intelligence software we created has set our client ahead of its competitors in the healthcare market.

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