Data Analytics Consultants

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” – The Economist

Data, and the capability to extract useful knowledge from data, are vital strategic assets.Critical Future is the data analytics consultant for some of the world’s biggest brands, as well as smaller firms and SMEs.


Data analytics is a crucial tool for any company to understand its market, clients, risks and products in order to maximise your value to your customers.

Critical Future is a market leader in the data analytics arena. Our consultants have PhDs in topics such as data analytics, statistics, mathematical economics, computer science and artificial intelligence. As our consultants are currently engaged on these topics at leading universities, they hold the most up-to-date knowledge in this fast-paced field.

Our PhD consultants use machine learning algorithms to analyse data and build custom software for our clients. This software is specific to your company, solving your business problems and providing Business Intelligence tools that can run on your desktop and scale to integrate with your company systems.


Data Analytics Consultants

Case study: BI tools from 10 million data points 

One of the largest manufacturers in Europe asked Critical Future to analyse more than 10 million data points in order to generate insights and drive efficiencies from its customers, products and risks. The project culminated in the production of a suite of custom-software Business Intelligence tools.

The project was a tremendous success. Because Critical Future’s PhD consultant has expertise in advanced statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we could turn millions of data points into simple actionable insights using this broad range of skills. As a result, the client realised profitable growth and reduced its overheads.

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