Artificial Intelligence

Critical Future excels in applying Artificial Intelligence to unleash productivity and profits for our clients. Critical Future’s PhD Consultants have specialist expertise in Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge methodologies derived from current active study as PhD Researchers at world-renown universities.

PHD Machine Vision

Critical Future is working in the field of Artificial Intelligence with some of the world's largest companies and SMEs to complete ground-breaking projects. These include:

Case Study Using Machine Vision to Detect Diseases

Our client is a leading European healthcare company, who specialises in Artificial Intelligence. The client had already invested substantially in AI technologies, but turned to Critical Future to advance this work. Using our expertise in machine visions techniques, we created the first scientifically accurate AI tool capable of reviewing a smart phone picture and telling the user whether they are at risk of skin cancer.

This ground-breaking project involved training a machine to review thousands of images and identify skin diseases. The project was completed by our specialist consultant, who holds a machine learning and robotics PhD, with a specialism in machine vision.

As a result, the artificial intelligence software we created has set our client ahead of its competitors in the healthcare market.

Data Analytics

At Critical Future, our data analytics consultants work with some of the world’s biggest firms. From manufacturers to FMCGs and logistics business, we also advise smaller companies and SMEs on data and business analytics. 

Data analytics is a crucial tool for any company to understand its market, clients, risks and products in order to maximise your value to your customers.

Critical Future is a market leader in the data analytics arena. Our consultants have PhDs in topics such as data analytics, statistics, mathematical economics, computer science and the IoT. As our consultants are currently engaged on these topics at leading universities, they hold the most up-to-date knowledge in this fast-paced field.

Our PhD consultants use machine learning algorithms to analyse data and build custom software for our clients. This software is specific to your company, solving your business problems and providing Business Intelligence tools that can run on your desktop and scale to integrate with your company systems.

Case study: BI tools from 10 million data points 

One of the largest manufacturers in Europe asked Critical Future to analyse more than 10 million data points in order to generate insights and drive efficiencies from its customers, products and risks. The project culminated in the production of a suite of custom-software Business Intelligence tools.
The project was a tremendous success. Because Critical Future’s PhD consultant has expertise in advanced statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we could turn millions of data points into simple actionable insights using this broad range of skills. As a result, the client realised profitable growth and reduced its overheads.

Healthcare Consulting

Critical Future is a specialist consultant to the healthcare sector. We help healthcare companies to expand into new markets, develop their in-house technologies and achieve reimbursement. We’ve worked with a range of leading healthcare providers, including the NHS.

Case Study:  An innovative reimbursement strategy

A client recently developed a novel treatment for fighting bacteria and needed to distribute the product to healthcare providers in the UK and Germany. If this could be achieved, the client could receive reimbursement and doctors would be able to prescribe this new treatment to their patients.

One of Critical Future’s PhD consultants is a specialist in economics and analysed the UK and German healthcare systems, examined the structure of the markets, and the process and requirements for reimbursement. As a result, Critical Future provided a step-by-step guide to achieve reimbursement both in the UK and Germany for the client. 

Case Study: Market expansion in Latin America

Another client developed a diagnostic tool to treat a disease impacting millions of people in Latin America. Critical Future analysed the Latin American market, identified the most attractive market, examined the regulations and trends, and provided a detailed go-to-market strategy for our client to launch their diagnostics business in this area.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Critical Future’s work on M&A spans many geographical locations and industries. We have developed a specialism in aerospace M&A including a current sell-side mandate to sell an aerospace manufacturing group, and a buy-side mandate to support the acquisition of European aerospace players. We have a unique network of buyers and sellers, enabling us to facilitate deals in this high growth sector in which demand for new aircraft outstrips current supply, leading to market consolidation.

Private Equity

Critical Future excels in applying technology and introducing real innovation to the Private Equity sector. Our PhD Experts have specialist expertise in areas such as artificial Intelligence, computer science and data analytics. Our consultants are also currently engaged on these topics at leading universities, which means they hold the most cutting-edge knowledge in the rapidly changing sector.

Critical Future is the technology consultant to leading Private Equity firms supporting with Technological Due Diligence, and Custom-Software Development which incorporates Management expertise. Critical Future provides its technology consultant services to leading Private Equity firms. We support our PE clients with technological due diligence and custom-software development, which incorporates our management expertise.

Case Study: Automated Investment Sourcing

Critical Future developed an automated investment sourcing and scoring tool for a client.
The tool can score PE investment targets based on our client’s specific criteria. This included employee head count growth, EBITDA, revenues, references in specific sources, etc.

The tool integrates with the client’s CRM, which enables them to receive specific scores for particular investment targets. This saves a great deal of manual work and drives economic efficiencies, as well as driving growth through the automated investment sourcing and scoring tool.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our expertise in logistics ranges from answering key strategic questions such “will 3D printing disrupt logistics?” to developing custom logistics software. We also count four out of 10 of the world’s largest logistics companies as our clients and work with world-renown logistics experts such as Professor Jan Godsell of Warwick University.

At Critical Future, we combine artificial intelligence with our logistics expertise to produce work including our ground-breaking Deep Reinforcement Learning Vehicle Routing project.

Case study: Innovative logistics software

Critical Future was recently asked to build a software solution for a leading logistics business.

Our consultant holds a PhD in logistics and technology, and therefore has the combination of cutting-edge business expertise and software skills in Python and R to complete this work. The project culminated in the production of a custom company-specific software solution, which has built with the necessary knowledge of the logistics industry.

Strategy Consulting

Critical Future is the strategic advisor to many of the world’s leading brands, as well as many mid-market companies and SMEs.

Critical Future has tackled scores of strategic projects for world-leading organisations and provided these clients with a highly positive financial impact.

We achieve this using both detailed competitor and market analysis. As a market leader in completing competitor analysis, our consultants are PhD experts with unique access to your competitors.

Critical Future’s market analysis combines comprehensive desk-based research with primary research. This involves in-depth interviews with management executives and mass surveys. We combine rigorous research of the highest academic standards with insight, analysis and strategic recommendations.

Critical Future’s custom market analysis reports support our clients to capture their markets.

Case study: International market entry strategy

Critical Future is extremely well positioned to advise clients on international market entry strategies. Our PhD Consultants are present in more than 30 countries around the globe, which gives us a unique level of insight into local markets. We have helped clients enter markets including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, India, China, Latin America, the Middle East, the United States and Africa.

Critical Future offers strategic guidance on entering a market from the overall market, to competitors, routes to market and strategic recommendations. We also offer hands-on support in the market from establishing a presence via social media, to physical offices and distributor agreements.