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We are a partner of the British government for important topics such as the Future of Banking.
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We build pioneering AI systems that are changing the world.

The Future of Banking

Critical Future partnered with the British government to produce a unique event on the Future of Banking.

The event brought together 50 bank CEOs and executives with Fintech CEOs. It was held at the Locarno Room of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which is known as “The Finest Room in England” and “The Drawing Room of the British Nation”. The event was jointly hosted by Alastair Lukies the UK Prime Minister Fintech ambassador and Adam Riccoboni, Critical Future CEO.

The most important event in Banking & Fintech

locarno room 2

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“I absolutely recommend Critical Future.”
Nicola Calabro, CEO, Sparkesse, major bank in the North of Italy.

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