7 Ways Top App Development Companies Improve Their Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing refers to any marketing approach that requires creating and distributing important, relevant and consistent content for a defined set of audience, for the purpose of attracting and retaining them, and ultimately generate profitable audience action. It is described as giving your audience high-quality content for a period of time that is relevant to their needs.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy and it is a means of building relationships with your customers and potential customers. It helps show the audience that you care about them more than your competitors. And in this current age where competition is fiercest, building functional relationships can go a very long way.

Content marketing is a viable alternative to the traditional form of marketing, where salespeople just unrepentantly pitch their products and services to customers faces. This form of marketing is becoming less and less effective by the day. In content marketing, top app development companies in India will be providing useful and relevant contents that will help their audience solve problems. This will naturally gravitate them to such companies.

There are three major benefits to be derived from effective content marketing, they are; increased sales cost savings and better customers who are more loyal to your brand. Content marketing is the present and future of marketing. Online marketing (Social media marketing, SEO marketing, inbound marketing etc)is impossible without content marketing.

Now that the relevance of content marketing to top app development companies have been spelled out, it is important to expatiate on techniques that can be employed to make these strategies more effective;

1. Write down your strategy:

In business school, it is often taught that no matter how clear your business plan is in your head, writing it down or documenting it assist in bringing it to full reality. The shortest pencil is better than the best brain. Writing your content marketing strategy down helps to bring your goal to your focus, it gives you a better understanding of what you want to achieve and informs you on better ways of achieving that goal.

Many people often do not like to write, but your content marketing document doesn’t have to be anything fancy or elaborate (it is for you, you are not taking it to any bank). The document would only contain your content marketing goal and plans you have to achieve it. If you do not write down your strategy, then content marketing may eventually not work for top app development companies.

2. Meet with your team as often as possible:

In order to have an effective content marketing strategy, you need to meet with your team as often as possible; this could either be daily or weekly. It doesn’t matter if you have a dedicated team responsible for content marketing, meetings with those responsible for content creation and promotion is very essential. The lack of such meetings will result in several tasks left undone and the overall failure of your content marketing plan.

What should be the talking point of your meeting? Open your meeting by discussing any content that may have been developed since the last meeting. Talk about the effectiveness and the response it got from the audience, and how it can be improved upon if need be. Next is to look into the week or month ahead and distribute content responsibilities according to individual strengths and specialization. You should also discuss the competition and what they have been up to, and how you can beat them. New topic ideas can also be brainstormed majorly based on trending topics.

3. Have a specific business goal in mind:

Although one of the benefits of an effective content marketing for top app development companies is increased sales, and this is the ambition of most other content producers, it is fairly difficult for a single content to lead directly to sales. Therefore, when listing business goals, it is important to have one that is highly realistic in mind. Some of the more practical business goals could be brand awareness, leads and customer retention.

Publishing relevant content consistently helps to help to keep your brand at the top of the mind of your audience.

4. Know which metrics to monitor:

Now you have a specific business goal that you wish to achieve with your content, the next question is how do you know to monitor if those goals are being achieved? This is where content marketing metrics comes into the picture. Your business goal will determine the metrics you will employ for measurement. Top app development companies use hard metrics such as leads, sales or traffic and soft ones such as social media engagement.

If your business goal is to get as many people to view your content, then you would require consumption metrics such as page views. If your goal is sales, then a sales metrics that measure how often leads turn to sales should be employed.

Your content marketing strategy should contain your business goal, the metrics for which to measure it and how you are going to track them.

5. Need to be buyer-centric:

To have an effective content marketing strategy, top app development companies center it around the customer or buyer. You have to understand what your customers, readers or client want and how they wish to communicate with you. You have to know what motivates buying behavior in your audience. You have to have the knowledge of what type of content your audience love to read and how they prefer to access it.

6. Have a solid content distribution plan:

Writing high-quality content is only one half of the puzzle of effective content marketing. The other important half is having a workable content distribution plan. This is often quite overlooked by most businesses creating content. To have an effective content marketing strategy you must have a plan on how to get the content in front of your audience. Do not just write a quality content and hope for the best, know exactly where, when and how you can share it with your intended audience to get the most impact.

7. Have an effective return on investment calculation:

You are in business, after all, and business deals with costs and revenues. If your return on investment falls short then it doesn’t make any sense. There are several methods that top app development companies use for measuring content marketing return on investment, pick one that suits you most and use it.







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