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Our specialist consultants will provide you with high-quality work at exceptional value. Our PhD experts will provide you with the specific and most up-to-date expertise your project needs.

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Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services
How we use AI

Our market-leading Artificial Intelligence consultants will futureproof your business. We specialise in the latest AI techniques to provide you with the in-depth insights you need to stay ahead of the competition.

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Data Analytics Consultants
Providing Thought Leadership

The British government partnered with Critical Future for its Future of Banking initiative. Software giant Oracle partnered with us for its operationalising innovation event. Our white papers are featured across leading news sources.

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Artificial Intelligence

Critical Future excels in applying Artificial Intelligence to unleash productivity and profits for our clients. Our expertise across the full spectrum of Artificial Intelligence tools and methodologies includes machine vision, machine learning, natural language processing and deep reinforcement learning.

Data analytics

Critical Future is the data analytics partner of the biggest brands in the world. We work with global manufacturers, FMCG and logistics firms and operate across a range of sectors, including the services, aviation and financial industries.


Critical Future is a specialist consultant to the healthcare sector. Our expert consultancy services enable healthcare companies to expand into new markets, develop their in-house technologies, and achieve reimbursement.


We custom build Blockchains. This includes Private Blockchains, Consortium Blockchains, and Public Blockchains. We build and support the launch of ICOs/ Token Launches. We work in Ethereum and Hyperledger. Our Blockchain projects are at the leading-edge and include engineering Smart Contracts.

Private equity

Critical Future excels in applying technology to the private equity sector. Our PhD experts provide specialist expertise in areas such as artificial intelligence, computer science and data analytics to spur innovation in the private equity arena.

Supply chain and logistics

At Critical Future, our PhD experts combine their cutting-edge logistics expertise with artificial intelligence and data analytics expertise. That’s why our clients include four of the 10 of the world’s largest logistics companies.

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  • Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Food & Beverage Manufacturing

    Of all the disruptive digital technologies being deployed in food and beverage manufacturing, none is more controversial than Artificial Intelligence (AI). Robotics, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and AI are evolving from science fiction to reality, seemingly, overnight. Companies are reevaluating their processes — and the workforce — and making decisions that will drastically impact the

    21st August 2018
  • Partners to Leverage AI to Optimize Maritime Logistics

    Transmetrics’ digital solution optimizes marine logistics using AI technologies and Marlink’s global multi-band network Marlink has signed an agreement with Transmetrics to establish a strategic business partnership aimed at predictive logistics optimization for maritime customers. The agreement will enable Transmetrics, a Forbes-awarded start-up, to leverage Marlink’s broadband satellite communications network, digital solutions and contacts to

    21st August 2018

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a larger role in businesses of all types. Companies are deploying different types of AI (e.g., machine learning and deep neural networks) across a wide variety of applications, including logistics. In fact, a recent McKinsey Global Institute report indicates that AI could produce up to $2 trillion in additional value in supply

    21st August 2018
  • What is artificial intelligence and what does it mean for nurses?

    The easiest way to describe artificial intelligence (AI) is to call it the intelligence of machines, rather than people. The machine works out a solution from the data collected from a series of patterns or algorithms. AI – sometimes called machine intelligence – appears to be gaining momentum and is a term now used for

    20th August 2018
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